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Tangerine NYC embodies a sartorial escape from the hurried pace of everyday life. From our Manhattan studio, we envision a style both globally minded yet centered in chic, downtown sensibilities.

Simply put, we dress the woman on the go. From her frenzied, busy life during the week to care-free, relaxed days-off, we design silk women’s clothing and ready-to-wear collections that capture each wearer’s beauty and confidence.

Elegant Fluidity

Using only the finest materials from hand-spun silk to organic cotton, we strive for timelessness and versatility.

Equally designed for day and evening, our womenswear makes time relative, with garments that frame the woman within, without distraction. From the most intricate, hand-sewn beadwork to silk women’s clothing imbued with an other-worldly fluidity, we start with minute details and create wardrobes rich with subtlety and elegance.

A Vivid Kaleidoscope

Our world is one of vibrant, radiant color. From the bazaars of Marrakech to the sun-kissed tropics, we live in a kaleidoscopic terrain that merges east and west.

We derive inspiration from natural beauty, from azure seas to deep, vivid crimson reds. Our bold colors and eclectic prints are crafted for pure, playful expression. Utilizing a range of photographic references, our designers conjure up prints that capture the appeal of places scattered across the planet, but dear to our hearts.

Globally-Minded Design

Though we’re focused on offering contemporary fashion, silk women’s clothing, and bold designs, we pride ourselves on having a firm sense of ethics and social responsibility. That’s why we employ women from less fortunate backgrounds in our factories who not only produce garments but develop essential leadership skills to create a better future for people all over the world. We believe that a brighter tomorrow starts with an impassioned, dedicated team of innovators, and we’re proud to enable working women to mold that dream each day.

Explore Tangerine NYC

We sell our silk women’s clothing and ready-to-wear, contemporary collections through our online store and boutiques nationwide. To learn more about our wholesale opportunities, inquire with our brand representatives at For general inquiries, please reach us at our New York City studio at 646.416.6994 or online via our contact page.

All around us, the world is moving at breakneck speeds. Fashion races forward with new trends, new names, must-haves, and imitators. But what about nuance? What about living a life of quality, not just quantity? At Tangerine NYC, we embrace life as it comes, naturally and uninhibited.



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