A R E   Y O U   A N   A U T U M N ?

So you love pumpkin spiced lattes?  Great. Your ideal climate is “sweater”?  Wonderful. You’re a deity of the harvest season. But aesthetically, is this season doing anything for you? As the leaves start changing colors and the weather gets more brisk, you’re naturally going to start thinking abouttrending fall fashion. Selecting the perfect fall fashion colors to match your personal features and unique attributes is the key to looking like the queen of the apple orchard.

Your Seasonal Color Palette

Everyone has their own individual seasonal color palette -- Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Wearing colors that complement yours makes you look alert and vibrant, and the accents can make your eyes, hair, and skin glow. Picking the best fall colors for clothes can even help hide imperfections and really just make your overall look pop without having to rely on too much makeup.

Color Qualities

As you consider your trending fall fashion choices, you’re going to want to analyze the coloring of your hair, skin, and eyes to see if they coalesce in just such a way that you can rightfully call yourself an autumn. Every hue has subtle characteristics, and if you’re able to recognize them, you can choose complementary outfits that highlight your best features. Here are the main factors to think about:

  •         Hue and Undertone: Cool, Medium, and Warm
  •         Value and Depth: Light, Medium, and Dark/Deep
  •         Chroma and Clarity: Soft/Muted, Medium, and Clear/Bright

There’s a lot that goes into fashion color theory and discovering which season you are, as well as which fall fashion colors suit you. We’ll go more in-depth into seasonal color theory in a later post, but here’s a quick quiz to see if you fall – pun always intended– into the coveted autumn category.

1) Look at the underside of your wrist, and try and see if you can spot any veins. Do you see a greenish tint or more of a blueish hue?

   A. Green

   B. Blue

   C. A mixture/I can’t tell/That’s a little creepy

2) Put a dab of two different colors of foundation – one pinker and one more gold – onto either hand. Now try to rub them completely into your skin.Which one looks like it has disappeared into your skin more?

   A. The gold

   B. The pink

   C. I’m not buying two foundations for this quiz.

3) What color is your hair?

   A. Chestnut Brown, Red, Honey Blonde, and/or Dark Brown

   B. Ash Blonde or Brown, True Black, Gray, Extremely Dark Brown

   C. It’s been a while – ask my colorist

4) What color are your eyes?

   A. Golden-brown, Olive Green, Dark Brown, Warm Hazel

   B. Clear blue, Dark Blue, Cool Green, Black, Cool Brown

  C. Tired

5) Which colors typically look best on you?

   A. Darker colors

   B. Lighter colors

   C. That’s what you’re supposed to be telling me!

If you answered mostly A’s, congratulations! You’re in the middle of your season, and in our next post, we’ll help you choose the right trending fall fashion colors to highlight your natural features. If you selected mostly B’s, or a mixture of A’s and B’s, then your season isn’t quite here yet. If you answered mostly C’s, then it’s probably time for a nap – you seem like you need one!

If you’re interested in learning more about trending fall fashion and fashion in general, be sure to follow our blog. Our goal is to make women feel confident and beautiful, and helping our readers choose the right fall colors for clothes is just one way to accomplish that.


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