Tiny Homes…The Dilemma

   A first look at tiny homes usually excites many of us for so many reasons. The most tantalizing fact is that they are so attractive and “very cute.” There are an array of beautifully designed tiny homes that could easily appease anyone and satisfy all and every conceivable individual taste level. Not even to mention the endless possibilities for the interesting decor of their interiors! Hence, design and the “eye candy” aspects of the tiny homes are not the issue. And, in fact, neither is the factor of practicality. This fact alone draws people of varied ages and diverse lifestyles into the realm of wanting to own a tiny home. So, where is the dilemma?

   The dilemma lies in several circumstances that have got nothing to do with the actual homes themselves. One of these factors is zoning laws throughout the country. These laws require that a home only of a certain size can be built or placed on a plot of land. It is for this reason that tiny homes cannot find a place to be put simply because the tiny home does not meet the size requirement for the plot! This, of course, creates a big problem for interested buyers because they cannot find anywhere to put the tiny home! So, it is for this reason that tiny homes which actually do have an interested market of buyers are not selling at all.

   There are several states that are considering changing zoning laws in order to accommodate the reality of giving a tiny home a place to be. This is a very smart idea because those who want tiny homes are an interesting segment of our population. Basically the most interested tiny home buyers are young people in their twenties and senior citizens who are ready to downsize. Understandingly, this is a very large market.

   In summation we all must wait for zoning laws to catch up with those in our society who are fully enamored and anxious to buy and live comfortably in their very own, “very cute” tiny home.


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