Productivity Versus Distraction with Cell Phones

The irony of the above statement is one that bewilders all of us on a worldwide basis. How do we in a healthy constructive way interact with our cell phones? We know that no matter what we do that we cannot live without it. The cell phone literally has found its way into every area of our lives. It wakes us up daily and shows us what and how our day will transpire. It connects us to anyone on earth who we need to interact with whether it be a conversation, an email, a text message or a simple reminder. It has every conceivable type of information about its owner, and what it might not know it can instantly know by employing an app or Google.

So the dilemma presents itself of what are we to do? Can we go to an uninhabited desolate island and live out our lives there? Not, likely. No, indeed, we must stay in todays’ world and live in the present. Hence, we must determine how much of our lives we will allow our cell phone to control. The question remains will the cell phone control me or will I control the cell phone? My take on this is that most of us would prefer the latter.

A positive approach to this would be to use the phone only for conversations, which, by the way, is why the telephone was originally invented. This would give us a fair modicum of control over our lives. We should allow our computers to handle through emailing and employing Google the responsibility of taking care of all things that are not conversations. An alternate behavior that could prove helpful would be to have your phone turned off and thereby receive voice messages, which you would retrieve at three specific times daily. Once everyone knows that you are employing this technique they will come to understand the most efficient way to contact you.

It is up to each of us to employ will power techniques for us to bring order back into our lives and thereby not allow constant distraction to impede our thought processes, and thus turn constant distraction into productivity. Let us bear in mind here the well-known proverb “an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure.”


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