We’re not ones to hide our features; it would be shame to spare the world of as much of us as possible. But even we can appreciate the occasional need to cover up. Maybe you’re trying to protect your precious face from the sun. Maybe you need to slip past an undeserving ex. Maybe you need to conceal your celebrity identity when leaving the “dentist” where you got your “root canal.” Such occasions call for some coverage.

The typical first responder in these emergencies is a trusty pair of sunglasses. With a chic pair of aviators or wayfarers in tow, anyone can transform into a red-carpet star, or at least look like one while at the grocery store. They’re easy, fast, and go with any outfit. They keep people guessing. Don’t think people deserve to look into the windows of your soul? Sunglasses are the blinds. They do have their drawbacks, namely that they’re easy to lose, often very expensive, and carry the threat of sunglasses tan (which makes your face look like it wore a bikini top outside).


In that event, another trusty option is the hat. Hats have made a laudable comeback in recent years. No longer are they resigned to once-a-year outings at the Kentucky derby. Hats are a perfectly acceptable piece in a wardrobe, and for good reason. They’re especially handy when your hair just won’t cooperate, but then again once you put the hat on, you give up any chance of your hair looking normal for the rest of the day. Isn’t that almost like incriminating yourself? Plus, while designs have come a long way, we’ve seen plenty of hat-astrophes in our day.

We personally like to mix it up. We’ll wear one, the other, both, or neither. And if you’re really not sure, we do make the best silk dresses in NYC, and if you’re wearing one of those, you could be wearing a diving-bell and you’d still look fab.


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