So you’ve taken our quiz and determined that you are an Autumn, but where to go from there? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. This classification system, if you don’t know, comes from Carole Jackson’s popular color analysis book Color Me Beautiful. But color analysis is nothing new – classical painters have been analyzing their subjects’ natural coloring for centuries, and if it’s good enough for the old masters, it’s good enough for us. As you ditch your summer dresses and start filling your closet with cool-weather pieces, take our color advice to guarantee that you are getting the most out of your naturally autumnal complexion.

Neutrals: Think ivory, khaki, light to chocolate brown, and warmer shades of grey. You can even get away with colors like olive and burgundy, which on others would be more daring, but will make your skin glow. We have some bad news though, black sadly will never shine on you in the way that warm neutrals will. Sorry goths. If you do want to wear it though, avoid high necklines that bring the color close to your face.

Main Pieces: Look cool without the cool undertones. It sounds cliché, but the colors of the changing leaves will serve you well. Brown, mustard yellow, red, and orange are pretty obvious go-to color options. But being an Autumn doesn’t mean you have to be drab. For brighter colors, look to the sunset for inspiration. Marigold, magenta, and vermillion will pop against your skin, as will citrine. Blue is not out of the question, but lean toward blues closer to purple or green end of the spectrum. The subtle reds and yellows in those shades will blend nicely with your skin, as opposed to cooler blues, which will wash you out. 

Jewelry: Your coloring was meant for gold. The rich, warm undertones of your hair and skin will radiate when partnered with the king of all metals. Try out different shades; gold comes in various hues that range from greenish to yellowish, to rosy, to almost copper. Experiment to see which particular tint works best on you or mix and match for a more eclectic look. And if anyone gives you guff for your penchant for gilt, then politely let them know that it’s out of your hands – the “science” of color analysis chose for you.

We hope this guide will help you give your wardrobe a bit of pumpkin spice. After all you’re in the middle of your season, it’s only natural that you should look your best.


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