We haven’t been able to get enough of Heidi Klum since she first hit the scene as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 1999. Yes, it was that long ago, sorry for the reminder. Project Runway is the guilt-free reality show of our dreams, she’s naturally our favorite judge on America’s Got Talent, and she’s a proud mama to some of the most gorgeous kids in Hollywood (no disrespect to our own, you’re great too).

Did we mention that her style is always on point? Because we’re truly obsessed, we’ve set out to scour Heidi’s looks and figure out the keys to looking as effortlessly chic as she does with as little effort as possible. If we can’t be her, we can at least try to dress like her.

One quick and easy technique Heidi uses often in her day-wear is bold color-blocking. Check out how strong and eye-catching all of Heidi’s outfits below are – even though each is just a pants-shirt-shoes-bag combo. It may seem a tad weird, but when restraint is practiced, being a little matchy-matchy with color can actually be quite high-fashion. Imagine how much time you’ll save not having to worry about colors that clash. If you think it’s too crazy, or are afraid to give it a shot, try and find some inspiration from Heidi when she wears her iconic Halloween costumes. Bravery can go a long way. Though to be clear we’re not advising the use of prosthetics or robotics in your ready-to-wear. That wouldn’t save anyone any time.

Heidi is also the queen of pairing loose fitting silk blouses and dresses with more form fitting pieces, like tight pants and sleek boots. It’s amazing what a simple contrast like that can do for a silhouette, not to mention a waistline that might not be pageant-ready.

It’s true; a pair of slim-fit pants doesn’t come with Heidi’s legs. And let’s be real, one of the most amazing accessories you can invest in to up your fashion game is a nanny, and that’s just not a possibility for those of us who aren’t getting Sport’s Illustrated residual checks. But it seems like Heidi is most concerned with sexiness, effortlessness, and allowing the body’s natural beauty to shine. If that’s what Heidi favors then it’s no wonder that she has been spotted in one of our very own blouses.  And yes, seeing that picture was indeed the happiest day of our life (sorry again, kids). 


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